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RE: “Schizophrenia’s Unyielding Mysteries” By Michael Balter, May 2017, Scientific American


By Douglas Berger, Tokyo Psychiatrist

Even if there is no one smoking-gun gene, learning the multiple ways one can develop psychotic symptoms can lead to hints regarding treatments that may benefit many persons. Half of a twin-pair is very strong evidence of genetics, it is not proof that non-genetic factors must be important as random variations in genetic regulation could explain why one twin is normal. There has never been a double-blinded placebo-controlled CBT clinical trial in schizophrenia, and some meta-analyses (1) have concluded that CBT was not better than non-specific controls in treatment or relapse when controlled for blinding.

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(1)             Lynch D, Laws KR, McKenna PJ: Cognitive behavioural therapy for major psychiatric disorder: does it really work? A meta-analytical review of well-controlled trials. Psychol Med. 2010; 40(1): 9–24. PubMed Abstract | Publisher Full Text