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Medical Marijuana and Mental Health: Cannabis Use in Psychiatric Practice

May 31, 2017 | By Christopher G. Fichtner, MD and Howard B. Moss, MD.

Comment by Doug Berger, Psychiatirst in Tokyo, Japan

This article seems quite reasonable, and is in severe contradistinction to other recent articles in the PT on marijuana:

1. Marijuana and the Psychiatric Patient, Psychiatric Times April 10, 2017, By Burns Woodward, MD:

2. Cannabis Use in Young Adults: Challenges During the Transition to Adulthood, Psychiatric Times December 30, 2015, By Jodi Gilman, PhD:

Both of which were horrifically anti-marijuana, probably written by NIDA and signed-off by the authors (see the links to the comments).

However, Fichtner and Moss could probably have added more caveats to using marijuana, clearly not all is actually positive:

1. While the authors did discuss using marijuana ingredients by routes other than inhalation, it is probably not a good idea for one’s lungs to smoke burnt plant substances.

2. They should be clearer that using marijuana based medicinal products is very different from smoking it lest they suggest that pot use may be good for psychiatric disorders (molecular CBD may have quite different effects than marijuana), and the authors were not as clear on that as they should be.

Dr. Moss has $2,900 stock in GW Pharma makers of marijuana derivative drugs, probably more connection to the topic at hand than we would like to see in an academic writer.

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